Our Services

               We can provide high standard of supply and installation of Electrical and Mechanical System based on Singapore Standard.Looking ahead, we seek to take a more active pursuit in expanding our horizons for new ideas and new markets. Be it the local of global area. We are poised and ready to take on chanllenging tasks that await us with great confidence.

               As a trusted company in this growth construction market, TTN Group has dedicated itself to M&E Services a respectable service that is known for its fast turn-around times uncompromising product quality, competitive price positioning , and drive to shoot for excellence.

Our company can provide the professional services of Supply and installation for:

  • Low Voltage System (Supply and installation of complete Electrical System)
  • Extra Low Voltage System (Supply and installation of CCTV and Security System, Card Access System, Public Address System, Building Management System, etc.,)
  • Mechanical System (Supply and installation of ACMV, Fire Protection, Plumbing and Sanitation, etc.,)